Bunch Related Quotes

“It's not just a bunch of guys climbing along some jungle gym and going through tunnels and shooting their guns in the air, ... These are people who are thinking through problems in how to cause destruction, for a well-thought-through political strategy.”

David Albright

?He kicked every guy's butt that tried to guard him. Handed it to a bunch of guys that think they're pretty good players.?

Barret Peery

“It should be neat. It?s exciting. I know a bunch of guys who are going there. I like it a lot.”

Sam Walters

“We didn't come out ready. We turned the ball over a bunch, but in the second half, Sammie stepped up and played above the rim, like he should.”

Eric Larkin

Whom would you like to put throught a table next? The entire cast of New Moon. They're trying to portray vampires, but they look like a bunch of sissy models.


“There are a bunch of things in the works, and we'll plan accordingly. But first things first, and that is we need to get Brian's hand cleared by the doctors.”

Gary Gittelsohn

I'm OK with procedural code, and the web is a top-down type of problem. It makes sense to me that you have HTML, you spit out a bunch of HTML, then you call a function to do something and then call another function.

Rasmus Lerdorf

On the set of 'Community,' we quote 'Community' to each other. We're a lost cause. We're like a bunch of little kids running around and yelling things.

Gillian Jacobs

I've got a great team of engineers behind this race car. I've got a great bunch of mechanics that make it reliable. This car is developed to go out there and be better than the Reynard, and I feel that it is.

Al Unser

“I got a whole bunch of money, about $300. I've got to pay bills.”

Courtney Sims