Burden Related Quotes

“The burden of paying Helpers may cause American equity investors, overall, to earn only 80 percent or so of what they would earn if they just sat still and listened to no one.”

Warren Buffett

“I wouldn't really say it's like a burden. It's more of something that inspires.”

Dale Peterson

“The burden one likes is cheerfully carried.”


“I felt such relief when I knew that he had been found. It was a big burden that had been lifted,”

Mary Hill

“Affordable complementary therapies, such as Diachrome, could make a substantial contribution to lessening the economic burden of diabetes for patients and payers.”

David Nash

“There is a heavy burden to meet before we're going to allow that to happen, ... This Week.”

Robert Torricelli

“I always try to burden even the villains with some weird predilection they have to cope with. It helps make them memorable, and gives them a human side.”

Carl Hiaasen

“We try to make the burden for any juror that travels as easy as possible, so if we need to pay for their costs up front we can.”

Mitch Elfers

“A great burden was lifted from my shoulders the day I realized that no one owes me anything.”

Harry Browne