Buy Related Quotes

“I got to buy groceries and stuff pay my bills.”

Dorothy Young

“They paid a big price. It has a sniff of a panic buy. New Zealand is a small market and I can't see what they can do to grow the business.”

Greg Fraser

“Demand is very strong for all sectors in mining. The reason I buy the coal mining sector is because electricity demand for Indonesia is rising.”

Cholis Baidowi

“Consumers should also be aware that they don't have to buy the package [of collision and comprehensive coverage]. If your vehicle is older, if you have a good driving record and if there is a low likelihood that it would be totaled in an accident, but a high likelihood of it being stolen, you could buy comprehensive but not collision.”

Dennis Howard

“I bet we shot 20 percent or less. We couldn't buy a bucket.”

Cindy Guthals

“The arrangement seems to be that UBS will buy Time Warner shares it seems for the voting rights but doesn't want the price risk. So, in an agreement with IMI, UBS will transfer the pricing risk to IMI.”

Cormac Butler

“We want to get rid of the (licensed) vendors that buy the spot only for Halloween weekend.”

Carol Patterson

“Many beggars always have puppies. They buy them on the illegal market for a few euros (dollars). The puppies are often sedated, so that they don't move around, and when they grow up who knows what happens to them.”

Francesca Cantalini

“I'm going to buy another racehorse if things with LSE turn out well, ... I'll have to console myself somehow.”

Richard Grossman

“If someone told me, 'Hey Jag, you want to buy an airport for $3 million?' I would jump all over it. There's several ways the city could pay for it - through (federal aviation) bonds or owner financing. It could be a cash-less option. If someone offered me that, I'd take it.”

Jag Gill