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“I think a good product would be Baby Duck Hat. It's a fake baby duck, which you strap on top of your head. Then you go swimming underwater until you find a mommy duck and her babies, and you join them. Then all of the sudden, you stand up out of the water and roar like Godzilla. Man those ducks really take off! Also Baby Duck Hat is good for parties. - Deep Thoughts (Saturday Night Live)”

Jack Handy

“Three 6 Mafia was in the house, baby. That was beautiful. To me, it was one of the most genuine moments of happiness. ... There's was the most felt.”

Jamie Foxx

“I didn't expect to deliver a baby in the parking lot. It happened in about 12 or 15 minutes, and it was over with. It happened so fast I didn't have time to think.”

Jack Adams

Travis: Happy anniversary,Pidge.Abby: One down, forever to go.

Jamie Mcguire


?Death is like a dusty road, without you by my side?

Ben Oak

Watching Abby own my brothers--hand after hand was turning me on. I'd never seen a woman so sexy in my life, and this one happened to be my girlfriend.-pg 257/ARC

Jamie Mcguire

“Don't be a victim by default! Be a victor by choice...”

Philip T. M.

“Hey, my baby fetches me beers, and she's only 4 months old!... yeah, I'm a proud Dad!”

James Hetfield

“My job is to save this baby, and I'm going to do it,”

Jack Hunter

“'Please, Lord, save my baby, save baby.' That was all I could do.”

Jan Shope