Caleb Related Quotes

“I thought Caleb played pretty well, and Jeff was solid. They did a nice job with it. I think that combination continues to get better and will do nothing but help us down the road.”

Chris Ault

“Most people would be on the beach drinking beer on spring break, but not Caleb. He never stops working.”

Dan Hammerschmidt

“We have a number of guys that we can choose from - Caleb Graham , Jimmy Marshall , Travis Burge , Ryan Strauss and, of course, Michael Hyde .”

Mike Martin

“It's just unbelievable. It's a situation where it's hard to comprehend that it's actually happened. Caleb was an outstanding young man and he will be dearly missed.”

Phillip Gay

“The thing with Caleb is, in this day and age you don't see it, he has grasped and taken over the leadership of that team. They say that the quarterback is the leader of the team, but you can see that. Especially in our game where in that third and fourth quarter, he just took it on himself that he was going to will his team to win.”

Chuck Evans

“Dong is a great kid and Caleb is a great kid, too. We were hoping it would be a good match. Obviously wrestling someone that good that well is going to boost your confidence and make you realize that you're a lot further along than what you thought you were.”

Dennis Lyberger