Capable Related Quotes

“You always kind of know she's there, and you know she's capable of playing really well, ... But I think I'm capable of playing just as well.”

Cristie Kerr

“She played as good as she's capable of and she beat me,”

Cristie Kerr

“A learned person is not learned in everything; but the capable person is capable in everything, even in what he is ignorant of”

Michel De Montaigne

“I definitely felt prepared with what I had, even if not more capable than others.”

Amanda Barrett

“Men are capable of talking hours on end over only one subject, women do it and don’t even require a subject.”

Curt Goetz

“The biggest thrill for me is to watch young guys get better and start to achieve what they're capable of, ... It's a lot like being a teacher, when you see young students start to blossom, that is the real thrill I get in the job.”

Pat Quinn

“As a leader in both hybrid vehicles and in vehicles capable of operating on ethanol-based fuels, Ford is the ideal company to bring both technologies together for the first time.”

Anne Stevens

“The city has been incredibly capable of reinventing itself, with shorter and shorter cycles.”

Frank Wright

“Happiness comes only when we push our brains and hearts to the farthest reaches of which we are capable.”

Leo Rosten

“We knew he was a guy capable of putting two halves together.”

Ricardo Patton