Capable Related Quotes

“The first three quarters was the team we knew we were capable of being all year long. The last four minutes of the fourth quarter was more of the team we were like in the middle of January and first part of February.”

Chad Cruthis

“All four are capable of placing in the top three.”

Erick Jensen

“I don't think we hit the ball as well as we're capable of, but tonight we scored runs when we needed to and got the job done.”

Derek Dougan

“I like a very dry wit, not the big kind of humor like Robin Williams. I don't think I'm capable of that.”

Chris Cooper

“Hermantown is definitely the favorite and Virginia is capable of beating anybody.”

Mark Decenzo

“This is a team that has very good guards. They have guards who are capable of scoring points. On the nights when they have scored, they have been very difficult to beat. They have beaten some people and they have played well against some good teams. They have gone to Houston and won.”

Doc Sadler

“Last year's team was more explosive, more capable of putting up tons of points. I think this year's team is more consistent. We jelled better this year, came together throughout the season. Really, it's a more cohesive team.”

Nick Mcwilliams

“Their passing game wasn't clicking like it's capable of clicking and so he took the offense on his shoulders. He's a very smart quarterback.”

Roy Richards

“Are we capable of dealing with a severe attack or another severe storm? That's a very important question and it's in our national interest that we find out exactly what went on so we can better respond,”

Jalal Talabani

“Our position as a Wall Street-capable institution is making an impact with a product set ranging from capital markets and M&A; advisory services to leasing. We have all of that and are delivering it here locally on 'Main Street,' which has made us a sought banking partner. The growth we've achieved exceeding that of the bank nationally - and in light of a local economy experiencing a lot of stress in the automotive industry - speaks well of our people and products.”

Rick Northrup