Capitalize Related Quotes

“In the first half, we gave up a couple of stupid passes in the back. They didn't capitalize. It is all part of the game.”

Frankie Hejduk

“If we play well and capitalize on every drive, I think we could score 100 points. I think if we're going to do it, we need to do it next week. But we're not worried about points. As long as we're moving the ball and getting first downs, the points will come.”

Cody Hodges

“It was a nice win, but we didn't capitalize on it. They kind of took over.”

Dedrick Finn

I've just always felt it's an incredibly empowering thing, particularly for young women, to capitalize on their coordination and their strength. It's a very empowering thing to feel strong in your body.

Alanis Morissette

I try to really capitalize off of what other rappers really can't do. There are opportunities that rappers I love simply can't get, because... you know... I don't have the tattoos; I have a different image.


“Babcock & Brown have consistently identified opportunities within their markets and been able to capitalize on them. Macquarie and Babcock have similarities. There're hardly any businesses in other parts of the world that are like them and are publicly traded.”

Jack Chemello

“We had our chances but could not capitalize,”

Chris Bennett

“We got their pitcher on the ropes early, but we didn't capitalize and let him get back on a roll after the first couple of innings.”

Mike Bianco

“If we play well and we capitalize on every drive, we can score 100 points.”

Cody Hodges

“We had some great chances in the third, but weren't able to capitalize.”

Chris Pronger