Career Related Quotes

“There is a new climate in Washington. Even the appearance of impropriety can do in a career.”

Greg Valliere

“It's not often in a police career that you get an ending like this after so many years. It's a great ending to a long saga.”

Capt. Eugene Riazzi

“He's just a driven kid. He's just made tremendous strides throughout his career because he wanted it.”

Chip Berry

“For him it is just the beginning. He has his whole career still ahead and (winning the title so early) will make him stronger.”

Alain Prost

“I loved playing in America but it was almost like starting my career over again. The truth was I couldn't take it. I was away from the family too much. And now I'm very comfortable. That decision has certainly improved my quality of life. I'm much happier being at home more, and I hope that this will reflect in my golf.”

Sam Torrance

“I have Mr. Alexander's trust and the chance to play in Houston. I believe I will have a great career in Houston. I want to win a championship in Houston and playing with Tracy McGrady, I believe we can do it.”

Yao Ming

“Career counselors on campus don't necessarily give graduates the tools they need to build rewarding careers. Some predict that we will have the most unskilled, unprepared workforce in professional history. If the individuals entering into our workforce do not feel personally empowered and equipped for success, both they and the organizations they support will suffer.”

Wendy Adams

“For in a literary career there was one unfailing advantage: No degree whatever of moral or social disgrace could disqualify one from practice - and indeed a bad character, if suitably tricked out for presentation, might win one helpful publicity.”

Simon Raven

“If he stays healthy, I think he's well on his way to having a good career.”

Chick Harris

“Bosses pay just enough so you won't quit, so most work just enough so they won't be fired.”

Orrin Woodward