Career Related Quotes

“I've always said my career is somewhere between children's programming and hard-core porn.”

Gilbert Gottfried

“I think her voice can lead her into a professional singing career because it's so different ? something you don't hear every day. Those are the people who make it.”

Dave Schmidt

“[The] article provides welcome guidelines for military psychologists and their patients. No patient should have to risk losing their career because they have sought needed medical attention. Those who sacrifice so much for our country should receive only the best in medical care, and this article goes a long way in outlining what 'the best' should be.”

C. Dixon Osburn

“The career criminals know the criminal justice system, its strengths and weaknesses better than 99-percent of the population.”

Rafael Goyeneche

“They ultimately set into motion the events that caused New York to lose a great cop with a promising career.”

Patrick Lynch

“I think that will all go away. There was a tendency to overpass early in his career, but he's making those decisions fine now. He's making good decisions. The one time I told him to shoot the puck, he feathered it over for an open-netter, so he knows what he's doing. That hasn't been an issue at camp.”

Craig Mactavish

“What he's doing now, he has proven he could do that over his whole career. He has worked hard to get back and now he's happy, healthy and used to playing the way he always has.”

Chris Chambliss

When my film flops, I believe it is my mistake. There have been times when I didn't come out of my house because my films didn't do well. I lock myself in for months. I don't talk to people. I feel bad for producer, director, for those who lost money. It's never about myself or my career alone.

Mahesh Babu

“Be different, you can't do what everyone does”

Sotonye Anga

“It would be more than I deserve at this point in my career, ... It was one of our goals heading into the season, but honestly at this point I don't expect it. It would be great, don't get me wrong, but if it doesn't happen I'm not going to get upset. There are a million reasons we shouldn't make it, looking back.”

Carl Edwards