Carter Related Quotes

Our dad played us a lot of old country songs by The Carter Family and he would sing along to it. I loved listening to him sing.

Petra Haden

Carter is the best President the Soviet Union ever had.

William Safire

“I believe Sadat was an outstanding statesman, and Mister Begin raised to the occasion, and President Carter did an outstanding job -- worked hard day in and day out to overcome differences.”

Shimon Peres

I'd appreciate a phone call before you try to break into my office again-Matthew Carter

Natasha Larry

During the Reagan years, government shut down eight different times under a Democrat Congress. The president and Congress worked together and got things straightened out. Under the Carter years, again a Democrat Congress, the government shut down five times.

Mitt Romney

“This is the crucial time in the second term. Either Bush is going to become another Jimmy Carter and be seen as a failed president or somehow he needs to turn things around. He is standing on the edge of a precipice.”

Darrell West

We haven't had an agenda for American cities probably since at least Jimmy Carter. We have left cities to fend for themselves.

Martin O'malley

Mine own people do not care for me, John Carter; I am too unlike them. It is a sad fate, since I must live my life amongst them.

Edgar Rice Burroughs

President Carter inherited an impossible situation -- and he and his advisers made the worst of it.

Gaddis Smith

Amos sipped his coffee. "Sorry if that distubed you. Khufu's very picky. He only eats foods that end in -o. Doritos, burritos, flamingos." I blinked. "Did you say-" "Carter," Sadie warned. She looked a little queasy, like she'd already had this conversation. "Don't ask.

Rick Riordan