Case Related Quotes

“It had all the components of a real improvised explosive device, minus the explosives in this particular case.”

Pete Piringer

“This is looking like a textbook case of the dangers of putting defendants on the stand.”

Sam Buell

“If your lawyers tell you that you have a very good case, you should settle immediately.”

Richard Ingrams

“We actually fold the DNA into any shape that we want. So in the case of the smiley faces that I made, I actually fold the DNA into a disk, but then leave two holes for the eyes and the mouth.”

Paul Rothemund

“the worst case scenario happened.”

Harry Smith

“We will file appropriate motions. Obviously, we're disappointed after putting in this much hard work on the case.”

Darren Lamarca

“Talk about pioneering stuff. There it was, ground zero. This was a very substantial Supreme Court case that originated in Lee County.”

Rick Joyce

“The reality is, this is a mental health case. It could've been avoided.”

Chris Flood

?There is no evidence in this case that the ballots were ever compromised. And if the ballots weren't compromised, the election wasn't compromised.?

Barry Richard

“It's simply asking for comment. Earlier, there were predictions we would not have enough plans. That's clearly not the case now. The question is will it still be of service to beneficiaries if you had fewer. Again, it's not a commitment.”

Gary Karr