Certainly Related Quotes

“In the big picture, we certainly have recovered as far as refineries being repaired and coming back online.”

Michael Geeser

I've played a murderer, so certainly I think I can play a Republican.

Alan Alda

“Investors are searching for sectors or groups that have not participated in the recent rally. Tech stocks have certainly been left behind by things like energy.”

Mike Driscoll

“There's a lot of evidence to the contrary. If that were the case, then we certainly would not be doing this.”

Steve Moore

“Certainly the message was very clear after the Nov. 19 incident in that it was clear to our players that they were not to enter the stands under any circumstances. Certainly this suspension is evident to the fact that we're very serious about that declaration. We realize there were some mitigating circumstances and we did in fact take that into account.”

Stu Jackson

?The situation certainly has improved, no question about it.?

Ben Cunningham

“We manage the fear, I manage the fear, but it certainly takes its toll, the strain does.”

Christiane Amanpour

Our perfection certainly consists in knowing God and ourselves.

Angela Of Foligno

Doing Shakespeare certainly makes you a better actor.

James Avery

“This organization loves Tony. We certainly would have liked to have given him a Super Bowl ring to fill one percent of that 100 percent hole he has in his heart right now.”

Mike Vanderjagt