Chairman Related Quotes

“These days, the Fed chairman has to be not only a great economist and a good politician, but also a spin doctor, ... Street Sweep .”

Carl Weinberg

“That's a big slowing. It's evidence that the Federal Reserve and Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan are being effective in their efforts to cool the economy.”

Amy Cutts

“They're not moving, ... I ran into them enough times, and they're still not moving. Thanks for (chairman) Jerry Reinsdorf for putting more padding on the wall.”

Aaron Rowand

“A lot of people were feeling, in the words of (Federal Reserve Board Chairman) Alan Greenspan, some irrational exuberance. They now have a much more realistic picture of retirement.”

Carl Van Horn

“there are pieces of the bill he [Clinton] doesn't like, that's why we're going to have a conference, Chairman Archer will be there, making a passionate argument. I'm sure that [Treasury] Secretary [Robert] Rubin will be there making some convoluted and complex idea that none of us will understand, but it will be an interesting negotiation, and I look forward to Bill [Archer] being successful. Then at the end of the day, I think the president will sign the bill.”

Newt Gingrich

?Under Chairman Greenspan, monetary policy has become increasingly transparent to the public and the financial markets, a trend that I strongly support.?

Ben S. Bernanke

“(FFA chairman) Frank Lowy needs to finish the job of revamping the game properly,”

Craig Foster

“Federal regulators need to heed Chairman Greenspan's warning and realize that a Wal-Mart bank would pose serious and grave threat to consumers, community banks and the economic health of this nation.”

Chris Kofinis

“When you get a new chairman in place you're going to have a more democratic and less predictable, less transparent Fed. The new chairman won't get the same automatic respect Greenspan has. It's not that (central bankers) will turn into a bunch of farm-yard animals, but there will be a more normal discussion going on.”

Ethan Harris

“It's a huge questionable situation. When it comes to lobbying, clients gravitate toward those with connections and being the chairman of someone's campaign is a huge connection because they control the lifeblood of that campaign.”

Alex Knott