Chance Related Quotes

One lot apiece, one chance to undo an error or secure a fate.

Janet Morris

“Obviously, I came in expecting more than never playing. I did know there was a chance. Not all coaches are as open-minded as coach Monson is.”

Zach Puchtel

Having to struggle gave me the chance to demonstrate strength of character.

Elizabeth Moon

“(In) districts, both our boys and our girls have a chance of doing well,”

Sarah Andrews

“There is not merely a chance, but a full certainty that we will win the parliamentary elections.”

Yulia Tymoshenko

Walking at random through the streets, we came by chance upon the Cathedral of Notre Dame. I shall long remember my first impression of the scene within. The lofty gothic ceiling arched far above my head and through the stained windows the light came but dimly - it was all still, solemn and religious.

Bayard Taylor

When I think back on it, of course I got lucky and got great directors and good breaks but all that was the physical part. But what made me a star was that I could take a chance and not have anything to worry about in terms of losing.

Shah Rukh Khan

Every time a child is born, we have another chance.

Eda Leshan

Climate change is destroying our path to sustainability. Ours is a world of looming challenges and increasingly limited resources. Sustainable development offers the best chance to adjust our course.

Ban Ki-moon

If you do not believe you can do it then you have no chance at all.

Arsene Wenger