Charles Related Quotes

Charles Fox said that restorations were the most bloody of all revolutions; and he might have added that reformations are the best mode of preventing the necessity of either.

Charles Caleb Colton

I don't know the man I admire more than [Charles Evans] Hughes. If ever I have the chance I shall offer him the Chief Justiceship.

William Howard Taft

“He is very likeable. I just want him to do a Ray Charles?.”

Nancy O'dell

Jack," said Charles, "he's making up words again." "Yes," Jack replied, "but he's getting better at it, don't you think?

James A. Owen

And that reminds me, Mama! I have just intercepted another of that puppy's floral offerings to my sister. This billet was attached to it." (Charles)

Georgette Heyer

Banion wondered which was worse - being sodomized by aliens, or having to sit through two hours of Charles Ives.

Charles Bukowski

“The Charles City Jaycees are in need of new members that are willing to step up and help lead this chapter. We need people with fresh ideas and a new prospective on how the activities of this chapter can benefit our community.”

Cheryl Voyna

If you want a convincing account of just how deep the shift in our new axial age is and must be, look no further than this brilliant book by Charles Eisenstein, one of the deepest integrative thinkers active today.

Michel Bauwens

Charles Wyly was born Oct 13, 1933, in Lake Providence, La., and for a period lived with his family in a shack without electricity or plumbing.

Charles Duhigg

The English writer, Charles Lamb, said one day: "I hate that man." "But you don't know him." "Of course, I don't," said Lamb. "Do you think I could possibly hate a man I know?"

Charles Lamb