Charles Related Quotes

“We acknowledge that it is going to be difficult for a jury to hear that Charles Boney was there, that Charles Boney sold a firearm, when you're talking about the murder of a young woman and her two children.”

Patrick Renn

On the British Royal Divorce (Charles and Dianna). She is such a sad soul. It is good that it is over. Nobody was happy anyhow. I know I should preach family love and unity, but in their case. . . .

Mother Teresa

I always thought Camilla was the perfect love match with Charles.

Princess Diana

One of my favorite comedy performances of all time is Charles Grodin in 'Midnight Run,' and in a lot of things he's done. I think he's hilarious as the straight man, playing it real.

Andy Daly

The pure playfulness of certain wholly whimsical portions of (Charles) Crosâ??s work should not obscure the fact that at the center of some of his most beautiful poems a revolver is leveled straight at us.

Andre Breton

I didn't even respect singers until I heard Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong.

J. D. Souther

Marriage is always something of a compromise, as I'm sure you're now aware. Any long-term relationship is - and one does have to see it in the long term, Charles. No, I expect your mother and myself will never divorce. It's uneconomic and, at my age, usually unnecessary.

Martin Amis

So what if I don't really love her. Charles didn't really love Diana and they were alright. Sort of.

Mark Corrigan

“Since neither the Queen, nor Prince Charles have shopped in Harrods for several years, displaying the Royal Crescent would be totally misleading and hypocritical.”

Mohamed Al-fayed

I have been influenced by many different artists at many different stages of my life. Starting out, it was people like Elton John, Billy Joel, Ben Folds, and Fiona Apple. As I got older I got deeper into the work of bands like the Beatles, artists like Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Etta James, and Joni Mitchell.

Sara Bareilles