Chat Related Quotes

“Even though you forgave me, I still feel like l did something wrong. Whenever we chat, I know you are hiding the truth. If you just confess I can deal with it by helping you out.”

Meg Mcfey

“We had a good talk recently and I'm going to chat with him again in another week or so to see where we stand.”

Greg Hamilton

“She's very friendly in the sense she makes you feel comfortable. [But] she's not the chit-chat type when she's working,”

Dustin Nguyen

“I had a chat with the manager to get a clear picture about stories in the papers [about being dropped],”

Rio Ferdinand

“Chat is a conduit for distribution of malicious code. It's a way to distribute Trojans, and, in addition, users who don't know how to hide their IP address will reveal it during chat. On the Internet, chat is risky business.”

Chris Rouland

“The cat that laughs is crazy. Man who does not laugh is below... (Le chat qui rit est un fou. - Homme qui ne rit est dessous...)”

Charles De Leusse

“[But we are borne back to the father-son chat at the dinner table.] Was I a good father? ... You have ultimately been a great father. But fatherhood would not have been one of the highest parts of your résumé early on.”

Kirk Douglas

“We had a chat with Joey at boardroom level on Tuesday just to say well done,”

Stuart Pearce

“He came over and we had a chat to him and his representatives. He's a very good Swiss midfield player who can do a number of jobs in the midfield. He played against us (Ireland) three years ago and Dave Bowman (Sunderland's chief scout) watched both of Ireland's games against the Swiss in the last World Cup qualifying.”

Mick Mccarthy

?If that's their chat then it's sour grapes and they are simply searching for excuses,?

Barry Ferguson