Chelsea Related Quotes

“Chelsea Stevenson was incredible. She was controlling the middle of the field.”

Coach Joanne Hensch

“Chelsea are the winners tonight. We lost ground again and Chelsea will be pleased as we are the closest rivals. We have to keep persisting with the way we are playing. We've just got to keep winning and stay in second.”

Darren Fletcher

“Along my spiritual, creative, mental and physical journeys - I found only one thing makes all the difference in my experiences and situations: gratitude.”

Chelsea R. Blues

“It's important for our readers to see themselves reflected in Seventeen and Chelsea has that fresh faced look that I know our readers will identify with. Of course Chelsea is gorgeous, but it was her vibrant personality that closed the deal because it makes her glow both inside and out. We were looking for a brand ambassador -- her personality and confidence are as important as her look. As America's biggest selling teen magazine - it's our responsibility to send this message to our young readers.”

Atoosa Rubenstein

Chelsea are the team who can break the Arsenal and Manchester United monopoly.

Ron Atkinson

“Chelsea I don't know much about, but signing those two players for sure they have a high goal.”

Even Pellerud

“Ask me that again next month, when you're all in Dhaka and I'm in Rome, watching Chelsea playing Lazio! [Asked if he would regret retiring]”

Alec Stewart

If Chelsea drop points, the cat's out in the open. And you know what cats are like - sometimes they don't come home.

Alex Ferguson

“They go to Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United and set their stall to get a result so if it means playing 4-5-1, it's good for that team.”

Five Live

When you beat a team so often - especially like this season when Chelsea had already lost three times to us - you know people expect you to do it again. But you also know they're going to be even more motivated to finally win.

Dennis Bergkamp