Chose Related Quotes

“They don't tell you why they chose you. And they won't say who was on the committee.”

Max Roach

“It's really unfortunate they are doing that. It's taking everyone's focus from the clients. It's unfortunate that Mr. Jones chose this action.”

William Reynolds

“They were looking for images that would last at least five years, and I chose material I knew could exceed what they were asking for.”

Mark Gray

“We had a good selection of candidates, but the one we chose is the one who's good for Midland High School.”

Linda Jolly

“It was a very concise, taut script, ... I simply chose not to have a standard car chase or any of that nonsense. I felt it was all about what's going on between these two characters. And the moment they're separated, I want to figure out how to get them back together again. I've actually had a lot of people thanking me for not making the movie go any longer than it had to.”

Wes Craven

“I take no issue with why she chose not to work here. But to then insult me by saying I'm not a real lawyer - that's offensive.”

William Korman

“In addition, one of the biggest reasons that we chose them over any other provider was because their solutions are Web-enabled. Now it's easy to get our suppliers to come [into] our LAN and get the most current spec and even tell them there is a spec change they need to retrieve.”

Stephen Ryan

“He was in constant pursuit of new challenges. He chose to be a passing quarterback when a pass was used in desperation.”

David Friedman

“Then We gave the Book for an inheritance to those whom We chose from among Our servants; but of them is he who makes his soul to suffer a loss, and of them is he who takes a middle course, and of them is he who is foremost in deeds of goodness by Allah's permission; this is the great excellence.”


“I'm not prone (to injuries) at all. I had an unfortunate injury and I was surgically repaired. I chose to come back maybe a month too soon. Now it's feeling a lot better. The point I'm at now is a little better than it was when I returned last year.”

Frank Thomas