Chose Related Quotes

“I chose him because he really knew how to box for real. Omar is so good that several times boxing trainers and managers were trying to actually sign him to a contact.”

Charles S. Dutton

“I stopped myself; Jenks didn't do anything different. I chose not to shoot the ball. I should have shot more, but I wanted to set up others for better chances. I didn't force it, but maybe I should have a little more.”

Obi Muonelo

“Compared to previous years when long-term tours were popular, more locals chose to visit sites in or close to the city this year. The cold weather might be one of the reasons.”

Yao Shuoye

“Taylor's provisional counsel was assigned as of yesterday. He chose someone from the list of qualified counsels.”

Peter Andersen

“You have sanctioned the blacklist of 23 of your fellow members because they chose to defy an unconstitutional investigation into their thoughts and beliefs.”

Anne Revere

“I think [Wade] could be a lockdown, shut-anybody-down defender if he chose to be. And we have to get him there, because he has the ability to change the game at one end of the court just as well as he can change it from an offensive standpoint.”

Pat Riley

“We chose this location because there's 18 mph wind speed, it's 70 feet deep and 2.5 nautical miles from the shore. Offshore, the wind is flat, on land, it's not as flat.”

Louis Coakley

“We know that Chinese officials chose to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in the 1996 re-election of the Clinton administration. What we don't know is what they expected to gain from that investment,”

Porter Goss

“I'm not prone (to injuries) at all. I had an unfortunate injury and I was surgically repaired. I chose to come back maybe a month too soon. Now it's feeling a lot better. The point I'm at now is a little better than it was when I returned last year.”

Frank Thomas

“We chose it because we deal with huge amounts of data. Besides, it sounds really cool.”

Larry Page