Citizens Related Quotes

“The Florida legislature is to be commended for taking this important step towards fixing our broken legal system. Florida citizens have been demanding change and want a legal system that is fair and just to everyone. This vote shows that our elected officials are listening. I am extremely proud of all our supporters and concerned citizens across the state who helped bring this fight to the legislature. You made a difference.”

Slade O'brien

Americans used to be 'citizens.' Now we are 'consumers.

Vicki Robin

I suspected economics was irredeemable as a policy tool for citizens groups. I saw economics lead its practitioners and citizens alike into a form of brain-damaging indoctrination.

Hazel Henderson

Only by providing leading-edge human capital and knowledge capital can American continue to maintain a high standard of living, including providing national security for its citizens.

Norman Ralph Augustine

“The law, which restrains a man from doing mischief to his fellow citizens, though it diminishes the natural, increases the civil liberty of mankind.”

William Blackstone

“We have launched rapid efforts to heal the wounds ... In 10 days 30 of our citizens have lost their lives.”

Osman Baydemir

When you have police officers who abuse citizens, you erode public confidence in law enforcement. That makes the job of good police officers unsafe.

Mary Frances Berry

No government demands so much from the citizens as democracy and none gives back so much.

James Bryce

It is important to note that there are no age limitations on who can donate organs and tissue. Newborns as well as senior citizens have been organ donors.

Vic Snyder

In the kingdom of God there are no second-class citizens.

David S. Baxter