Civil Related Quotes

As there is no pleasure in military life for a soldier who fears death, so there is no independence in civil existence for the man who has an overpowering dread of solitude.

Philip Gilbert Hamerton

Public-opinion polls show that Americans split about evenly on civil unions. But when the words 'gay marriage' are presented, they break 3-to-1 against it.

Dick Morris

We need more people to go into business and fewer wasting our lives becoming bureaucrats and civil servants.

Michael O'leary

Always be civil to the girls, you never know who they may marry,

Nancy Mitford

Now liberals compare their every riot, every traffic blockage, every Starbucks-window-smashing street protest to the civil rights movement -- which was only necessary because of them.

Ann Coulter

For to me every sort of peace with the citizens seemed to be of more service than civil war.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

As long as government is allowed to collect all Internet data, the perceived exigency will drive honest civil servants to reach more broadly and deeply into our networked lives.

Yochai Benkler

I began to see during the civil war, in that part of the states of Missouri and Kansas where the doctors were shut out, the children did not die.

Andrew Taylor Still

There is no "playing with truth" in the Charkha programme, for satyagraha is not predominantly civil disobedience but a quiet and irresistible pursuit of Truth.

Mahatma Gandhi

Civil disobedience is the assertion of a right which law should give but which it denies.

Mahatma Gandhi