Class Related Quotes

“You know you are old when you discover that your children are learning in history class what you studied in current events.”

Vikrant Parsai

The class of citizens who provide at once their own food and their own raiment, may be viewed as the most truly independent and happy.

James Madison

Arsenal are the most beautiful club in England. At Man City and Chelsea, they will never have that class and style.

Marco Van Basten

Am I allowed to call myself working-class now? Because obviously I'm now very rich.

Paul Merton

“You can't teach it in science class. God has never been a part of science.”

Paul Davies

“They got away with a lot of stuff on him. He showed me a lot of class in that tournament, because he was mugged and kept battling through it and played well.”

Dale Tallon

What people can get you or do for you will never replace a person that will influence you to be a better person.

Shannon L. Alder

My school was really small, but I was called the Class Clown!

Serena Williams

I'm painfully middle class.

Valerie Harper

At first I wanted to go to university, but I really didn't dare to. I was too self-conscious, being a working-class kid. It was really difficult. I was going to study history, but the professor asked me some questions I didn't understand, and I didn't dare to ask what they meant. I left university and went to work in the Post.

Per Petterson