Classics Related Quotes

I attended Amherst College from 1951 to 1955. The first two years were a revelation. There were innumerable exchanges with brilliant classmates, among them the playwright Ralph Allen, the classics scholar Robert Fagles, and the composer Michael Sahl.

Edmund Phelps

I loved every minute of my three years majoring in classics at Berkeley.

Caroline Lawrence

“This is just not something for someone who's going to be studying Shakespeare or playing the classics. Fencing has really helped me as an actor in improving my focus and balance. You hear actors talking about 'staying in the moment.' It's really to your benefit to stay in the moment when you've got someone with three feet of steel waving it in front of you.”

Eric Bryant

Your library teacher would say, "What happens to a generation that doesn't read the Classics?" Me, I'm not your library teacher. But I have some of the same questions and concerns, you know?

Saul Williams

It was a noteworthy lesson, even for someone who'd been fed a daily diet of italicized lessons: that people in high places, luminaries with advanced degrees in Classics and in possession of excellent manners, can disappoint you as profoundly as anyone else.

Elinor Lipman

Songs like Reach and S Club Party are pop classics. I'm really proud that I had a part in them.

Rachel Stevens

I think all writers of my age who are brought up on films probably by the age of 16 have seen many more films than they have read classics of literature. We can't help but be influenced by film. Film has got some great tricks that it's taught writers.

David Mitchell

A classic is a classic for a reason. Let's try to create new classics. The idea of repeating ourselves drives me a little crazy.

Gina Prince-bythewood

Professors of classics - not even a professor of English - professors of classics, they're something sacred; it's almost like being a priest.

Erich Segal

It's so important your customer can rely on you for your classics.

L'wren Scott