Clear Related Quotes

“As this poster makes abundantly clear, we've already consumed about half of the world's total endowment of regular conventional oil. This has provided most supply to-date and will dominate all supply far into the future. We are now entering the second half of the Oil Age, and face the relentless decline of production, imposed by nature.”

Colin Campbell

I see but one rule: to be clear.


“A clear conscience is a sure card”


We know the IRS has made clear there is no prohibition on releasing it when you're under audit.

Hillary Clinton

“We want to be very clear, and not necessarily fuzz things up with diplomatic language that may get us in trouble down the road.”

David Gross

“You're not going to get a clear signal until tomorrow.”

David Ging

“The question is now: Where have those militants gone? There's no clear answer to that,”

Ryan Chilcote

?Breathe to clear the mind and body too of impulsiveness.?

Bathilda H.

“Nobody can pinpoint when this process will come to an end. But it is very clear that it can't go on forever. Do you let this bubble grow, or do you do something about it?”

Carlos Asilis

We're clear," she said. "You're kind of a psycho. I get that

Rachel Caine