Clinton Related Quotes

“I beat the Clinton kid 1-0 earlier. We (the coaches and me) have been watching the tape of that match. Anyone who knows wrestling knows about Dakota. They are always good.”

Ash Edmonds

“Senator Clinton is showing that she is more interested in political attacks than substantive dialogue on how to win the war on terrorism. Today's minority party represents a pre-9/11 world view that is out of touch with Americans and the threat that our nation faces.”

Danny Diaz

“[President Clinton was more circumspect.] I think we ought to just wait and see what they do, ... One way or the other, it will be a historic decision that we will live with forever.”

Hillary Clinton

“It's a battleground state for them. Bradley went there two or three times for Clinton in 1996. There are a lot of Perot voters up there who Bradley could appeal to.”

Anita Dunn

“I think President Clinton would have liked to have traveled a lot in early '93 and reconnect with people, ... But the fact is, the administration was so disorganized and they were so unfocused that he didn't have the luxury of being able to travel.”

Charlie Cook

“After the last meeting between Arafat and Clinton, and after we heard the answers Clinton got from Arafat, I'm much less optimistic.”

Danny Yatom

“He was the go-to person in the Clinton White House.”

Lanny Davis

“Counsel for both the DNC and Clinton/Gore used those (FEC) guidelines to approve every ad to ensure strict compliance with the law, ... We are hopeful that once the Department has reviewed this matter fully, it will conclude that these ads were proper.”

Charles Ruff

“It costs $200,000 to get Bill Clinton to speak. We just can't do that.”

Arash Massoudi

“If it turns out that the report gets released and it smells anything like a typical Clinton cover-up, we're going to activate our 1 million members. We're keeping an eye on it right now.”

William Greene