Close Related Quotes

“I thought our schedule paid off tonight. Playing all of those close games, and playing like every possession meant something.”

Wayne Harre

“We are paying very close attention to those who are involved in activities that promote either fraudulent elections or promote violence.”

David Kramer

“Walk one, walk two, rock step one, rock step two and tango, close.”

Steve Gillis

“For all intents, it's been very close to a total remake. He's got an excellent arm. It's all about throwing in the zone. Over the second half, he was much more consistent.”

Dan O'brien

“Hundreds of these irreplaceable cinemas have been demolished, and more close every year.”

Richard Moe

“He has a taste of what it is like being close. I hope he can get some rest and wrap it up in the morning.”

Corey Kline

“It's close enough that a lot of them can get to it. It's exciting, (but) personally I can't treat it any differently. It's just another NCAA tournament and we've got to stay focused on the game.”

Carrie Mason

“All of the others in the top ten were discovered during the close approach, whereas for 2004 MN4 the close approach is predicted well in advance,”

Steve Chesley

“The volume of gas stolen by Ukraine from the pipeline to Europe on January 1 was close to 100 million cubic meters, valued at US$25 million (HK$195 million) at the market price.”

Alexander Medvedev

“Turkey does not need 8-10 years to conclude negotiations, particularly close technical matters.”

Ali Babacan