Coach Related Quotes

“He was wrestling really tough on the day and you can't coach balance and quickness and Javier has both. And once they get the momentum going it's hard to stop that youth.”

Chad Hitchen

If they don't let me coach, they might as well take me to the Lexington cemetery.

Adolph Rupp

“I have no idea yet. It all depends on what the coach is going to do next year.”

Rahshon Clark

“It's hard to tell what happened with coach Brown,”

Pau Gasol

“And that drives Coach crazy. It's nowhere close to what the wishbone is.”

Scott Strasemeier

“That was probably what got my back up more than anything, was to have their coach standing on the balcony smiling at me once I was dismissed.”

Ricky Ponting

“As a coach, you always worry about the distractions of the week and keeping your feet on the ground.”

Dale Lennon

“I?m blessed to be a coach who has this kind of talent that believes in defense. That has been a key for us all year long.”

Dave Hoover

No one knows who they are more than someone who changes their identity (before I became a farmer, I was a leadership coach).

M.c. Humphreys

Thank God he wasn't the St. Louis Rams' coach. I have a lot of respect for Coach Dungy and like everyone in America, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

Michael Sam