Coaches Related Quotes

“We knew it was going to be hyped. All the players and coaches got ready during the summer. We're ready to go.”

Cedric Griffin

“Scott mentioned something to me about it. It's a valid point. There are times when the coaches kind of seem like they're always on the players and players just stop responding just because they feel as if they can do nothing right. It kind of messes with your head a bit. So when you hear it from the guys -- that our agenda is to win and we're trying to help each other and be there for each other -- it relaxes you a little bit.”

Chris Duhon

“I was concerned about where we'd be, as I'm sure most coaches are coming back (from the All-Star break). We have one game in 10 days, and this was it. We started to play very well at the end of the (first) quarter.”

Pat Riley

“We can stick five of our best DBs on five of their best receivers, and I think our coaches would feel comfortable, ... After this game, everyone will see what kind of a secondary we are.”

Aaron Ross

“That night caught me by surprise, but I just want to credit all the players and assistant coaches I've had because there have been some really good ones. I've been extremely fortunate to have this opportunity. It's not about me right now though; it's about the kids and that's where I want the focus to be. It's an exciting time for them.”

Cindi Simmons

Football coaches don't have real problems.

Lou Holtz

People always ask me how I can hit the ball so far, and I say, 'I just swing.' It's the coaches who first told me I had good bat speed. I was just swinging, and I guess it was fast. I'm pretty fast at everything.

Eric Davis

“They are just a very solid team. You've got to tip your hat to the players, to their coaches. They're very well coached and well behaved on the floor.”

Darwin Hofer

“Before Scott joined the Dolphins, I considered him to be one of the most innovative offensive coaches in the league. After working with him this past season, I also came to appreciate his work ethic and organizational skills. I have a great deal of respect for Scott, and I know he is well qualified to be a head coach in the NFL.”

Nick Saban

It's a bad place when you see sometimes how coaches treat people. I don't even want to say players. I want to say people. They're people before they become a player.

Ray Lewis