Coaching Related Quotes

“The coaching staff has got these players believing in themselves. They're walking with a little swagger. They would jump off a bridge for [Taylor] right now.”

Mark Cole

“What they do such a good job of is coaching effort,”

Charlie Jones

“I had a great four years. My teammates were great and the coaching staff helped me so much. I felt like I've grown as a basketball player and a person. You can't ask for much more than that.”

Cassandra Schultz

“At the time, the coaching staff had to be saying to each other, 'this is our game to win.'”

Chuck Long

“I won't be coaching at the Hunters next year, and I won't coach in the NBL again.”

Adrian Hurley

“That's the one thing I wanted that I left out of my coaching career. I never won a state title. I was fortunate to be down there several times, but we never won it. We probably should have a couple times, but we missed out.”

David Marsh

“Know that the world really does revolve around You and You live in a world of infinite possibilities!”

Dr.'s Rick And Susann Crawford

“I told the commissioner that by the end of the year, I'll have pure white hair from coaching these guys. When you have young players like this, they'll drive you absolutely crazy, especially after you get spoiled by the teams I had the last couple of years.”

Eddie Sutton

“Amid all the talks surrounding my being considered for another team's coaching job, I would like to affirm my commitment to the San Miguel organization.”

Chot Reyes

“When I first retired, I just needed to keep active, so I started coaching riders. But then (Ride for Red founders) Joanne and Kevin (Gulliver) contacted me about coming here, and I started speaking a few times a year.”

Kevin Livingston