Colon Related Quotes

“I didn't want to be at just one hospital. There would surely be enough general surgery, but in the colon/rectal surgery it was an advantage to go to hospital to hospital so we could get in on all the big, interesting cases.”

Donald Butts

“Her large colon got wrapped around a stomach muscle near her spleen. She couldn't eat or go to the bathroom, she kept throwing herself against the wall or rolling on the ground, she was in so much pain.”

Jamie Woodruff

“There was some injury to her colon and because she's a diabetic, they were very cautious with her internal organs to make sure that everything was functioning properly and so there was a lot more thought gone into that procedure than norm.”

Kirt Webster

“Primary prevention of these cancers has largely been neglected, but we now have proof that the incidence of colon, breast, and ovarian cancer can be reduced dramatically by increasing the public's intake of vitamin D.”

Cedric F. Garland

“Sometimes you really do have to tip your cap to the other guy. I mean, Colon is a legitimate Cy Young type of guy, and Lackey is right up there in the league in strikeouts. But tonight, we should have scored some runs off this guy. The rest of the league does. We're the only team the guy shuts out.”

Eric Chavez

“My friend was eaten alive by this bacteria . His legs, his arms were eaten, his intestines were eaten. His colon was eaten before he died. This is not a frivolous situation.”

Stephanie Sofos