Comic Related Quotes

Once upon a time, they thought I was a sweet, wide-eyed boy that was just trying to figure out how to kiss the girl. Lots of comic relief and adolescent yearnings.

Ben Mendelsohn

Hey, I think comic actors are the best actors.

Chris O'dowd

If the people of Comic-Con ruled the world...then tomorrow would be invented every day.

Neil Degrasse Tyson

I read 'Scarlett' recently, and that was a killer comic book. The 'Black Widow' was pretty rockin'. There is a big list of killer chicks that are just rockin'.

Stana Katic

I think musical theater fans - obsessive fans - are very much like Comic Con fans in our personalities. We're very possessive, and we're very obsessive, and we're very critical. So don't screw with our stuff.

Richard Lagravenese

As a comic, I think I'm very verbally oriented about a lot of the stuff that I've written or thought up and how I say it.

Demetri Martin

With an endless assortment of children and animals living under one roof, there was always some absurd crisis that gave comic relief to my problems.

Sally Jessy Raphael

we already have so much pressure towards sameness through radio, film and comic outside the school, that we can't afford to do a thing inside that is not toward individual development ...

Sylvia Ashton-warner

I like good stories above all else... and kickin' art really goes the final stretch to ensure a comic is good.

Robert Kirkman

Even in the tragedies, [William] Shakespeare always put in parts for the comic actors because his audience was mixed. He puts in people who talk like aristocrats. He puts in idiots and fools.

Margaret Atwood