Coming Related Quotes

“This has been 20 some down here, maybe 30 years that I've been coming here. Every year is special. This is like icing on the cake for your kids who worked hard all year. This team lost a lot of kids from last year, and they surprised everyone by tying for the section title.”

Ken Misiak

“In a year when they just announced that they have $3 billion in extra revenue coming in, it seems rather tragic that we're launching a massive experiment with people's lives.”

Karen Woodall

“I missed the one before and I knew Baron would keep coming, and I didn't want him to take my head off, ... His presence alone creates opportunities for other people.”

Adonal Foyle

“It would be awfully easy for me to take this for granted. Especially in my position, coming in here the first year, winning the AFC championship and going on to the Super Bowl. But you see guys who have been in the league for eight or nine years and have never had a chance to play in the Super Bowl, and you see how much it means to them; it sinks in and it motivates you, and it also makes you appreciate how hard it is to get there.”

Heath Miller

“Coming into the game, we knew Paul Davis fouled a lot. Coach just told me to take it to him. If we can make shots in the beginning of the game, it builds our confidence up. We just carried that confidence into the second half. We just shot well.”

Will Thomas

“I feel like we're coming together here. I feel like we've already won the Super Bowl.”

Fakhir Brown

“If guys can't get up for a game like the one we've got coming up, then they shouldn't be playing. Simple as that,”

Ricky Ponting

“The days where (the campus bookstore) had a mini-monopoly are coming to an end.”

Richard Davies

?I feel light-years better than I did last year coming into the season, ... I think they figured everything out. I haven't had any problems at all. I've been playing since early August. Mid-to-late September is when I started to feel like myself again. I've also lost quite a bit of weight.?

Barbara Turner

“They consider me an impediment in coming state legislature elections.”

Yasin Malik