Commercial Related Quotes

They all looked like a shampoo commercial, healthy and clear-skinned, perfectly proportioned, a group of handsome young men. Their clothes hung on them like they were glad to be gracing such supermodels.

Lilith Saintcrow

My first job was a commercial for Ball Park Fun Franks.

Hunter Parrish

“The specialty shows really help in separating ourselves from commercial stations.”

Chad Anderson

“When I first got to FUV, after many years working down the dial in commercial radio, I wasn't quite sure how I would fit into the unique, non-commercial world of 90.7 FM. Well, five years and over 1,200 shows later, it feels like a great fit.”

Dennis Elsas

“As for commercial or independent films, that's not even a concern at this point.”

Cole Mueller

From the late 1940s, into and through the '50s, there developed a complex interaction between federal government, state and local government, real-estate interests, commercial interests and court decisions, which had the effect of undermining the mass transit system across the country.

Noam Chomsky

I tried to do the commercial thing. But I don't want to keep shoving Twinkies down everyone's throat. People are hungry for something of more substance.

Lili Taylor

Edward [Weston] was the first artist - and I don't use the word lightly - to make a living doing art photography. Other photographers did commercial work, or worked for the government.

Rondal Partridge

My experience says that if you put out a lot of personal work that's good, it tends to attract high dollar commercial work. But to be clear - I don't create art to get high dollar projects, I do high dollar projects so I can create more art.

Chase Jarvis

“They're strapped in much better than you would see in a commercial plane.”

Christopher Bolkcom