Company Related Quotes

“The company wants to have the right to do what they want with the worker, make them hit the road. We know the testing is good, but the workers know the risks in the field. The workers know not to use brute force to lift things.”

Casimiro Alvarez

“It wasn't his fault. The whole thing was a mistake and the company (Trash Man) has taken responsibility and paid a civil fine.”

Eric Seitz

“Whenever you make a claim to the credit card company, we actually have to prove that it was you, so it protects us by saying we checked ID.”

David Keith

“We believe the Port of Sacramento is a good fit for our company.”

Dennis Lee

“What I have found is that if you can't find any information on the company, then don't go with it.”

Christopher Russell

“Small business managers recognize that stand-alone systems inhibit productivity. A company may need to integrate its Web site with its accounting program, for instance, but implementation is daunting without the expertise. It's hard to add staff to solve the problem because the talent isn't out there at an affordable price. Having permanent onsite IT staff may not be the best option, anyway. Independent technology consultants are readily available, trained to evaluate and implement solutions that minimize disruption, reduce system fragility, and deliver systems that streamline operations and improve productivity.”

Russell Morgan

“[Symbol Technologies is] not a household name but everybody knows their products. They're a bar coding company, so when you return an Avis car that's the bar coding that they're doing, ... They are a productivity improver. They need capital spending from corporate America but when that comes back, we think that the stock, which was at $40 two years ago, has about 50 percent upside.”

David Katz

“exceptionally well-suited to manage the company in this challenging and ever-changing environment.”

Howard Stringer

“The company continuous to be pretty conservative with its guidance. There is nothing new here.”

Michael Judd

Be transparent about company values and adhere to them as your company grows.

Kay Koplovitz