Comparisons Related Quotes

“Our retail [comparisons] for the quarter reflect solid promotions and merchandising that were particularly effective during a more heavily consumer-based holiday season.”

Steve Odland

When you're looking around for metaphor or simile, I do think it's often helpful to keep inside the world of the book, to gather your comparisons from the stuff particular to that world - be they king salmon and aviation fuel, or pot roasts and spatulas.

Leigh Newman

Alone, I am satisfied with myself. With others, I am beset by troubling comparisons.

Mason Cooley

As you live your values, your sense of identity, integrity, control, and inner-directedness will infuse you with both exhilaration and peace. You will define yourself from within, rather than by people's opinions or by comparisons to others.

Stephen Covey

“The arithmetic works in their favor. Looking at year-over-year comparisons, March last year was among the weakest months where retail sales also suffered because of a late Easter.”

Michael Niemira

Picabia is a very old painter who some people try to connect me to, but I refuse such comparisons very well.

Sigmar Polke

“On a year-over-year basis, Lehman's results are outstanding, while the negative sequential comparisons are a product of the strength of the 2005 third quarter.”

David Trone

Arsene Wenger was talking about comparisons with Johan Cruyff, a player who only comes around every 10 years and Thierry Henry is definitely one of those

Gordon Strachan

Judgment traps you within the limitations of your comparisons. It inhibits freedom.

Willie Stargell

I don't do comparisons because I always lose.

Rosanne Cash