Competing Related Quotes

“Indian companies are not satisfied playing the second fiddle anymore. They are competing big with the global IT companies.”

Kiran Karnik

“I'm looking forward to Corey competing at the state tournament and I'm optimistic that he's going to do rather well.”

Don Jantzen

“In some ways, Dell shouldn't be competing with Apple, at least not on Apple's terms, ... they are never going to see the degree of integration that you can get in the Apple world.”

Roger Kay

“We are not able to wait any longer, as it is necessary to finalize details of the competing teams,”

Malcolm Speed

“They end up competing with some of the other arts groups, certainly with funding, that's a big issue, and programming. Many of the arts groups didn't feel there was any representation there. They don't function as an arts council. They are their own separate organization.”

Dane Pollei

“Everybody's goal is to go to the state meet, and a lot of times the girl they are competing with is on their own team. It's not realistic to expect to take four girls in every event, but the most pleasant surprise is we are traveling to Canton with more girls than I expected to have there.”

Dan Peterkoski

“They've spent the last decade competing against General Motors when they should have been competing against Toyota.”

Daniel Becker

“I think it's a lack of experience. All of our games we've been [ahead] in the fourth quarter. We're competing and can win these basketball games.”

Chuck Driesell

“If we get an early jump on storage before the hurricane fears kick in and before injections begin competing with generation demand (for air conditioning), we should see more downward pressure on prices.”

George Ellis

“We're here, we're not polar opposites, we're not competing for the hold of the city.”

Will Morgan