Competition Related Quotes

“I was pleased that they did so well. When you go into a competition like that, you can never be sure of anything.”

Wayne Degennaro

“A good athlete always mentally replays a competition over and over, even in victory, to see what might be done to improve the performance the next time.”

Frank Shorter

“2006 will be a year of intense competition...we are going to have to step out of our comfort zones.”

Donovan Perkins

“After examining the growth of the market and the status of the competition, we've decided to build a facility that is significant in both scope and quality. We intend to lead the currently underserved downtown gaming and entertainment market and today's announcement reflects that commitment.”

Daniel Lee

“This period of more intensive anti-trust enforcement is vital to spreading proper competition across the EU market, bearing down on the energy price increases facing households and firms across the continent.”

Malcolm Wicks

“It has been a great experience coordinating the competition at the Masters. However, after 15 years the time has come to step aside. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work and be associated with many outstanding individuals.”

Will Nicholson

“I thought it was a four team competition and now it's down to three,”

Andrew Murphy

“We had an up and down day. For our first day of competition and against the competition we had, I was pretty pleased. This is a good tournament for us because we can see how many more areas we need to work on.”

Diane Tuller

“You never have enough competition at any position, ... Several of the players listed at right wing have played center in the NHL, like Trevor Linden. Some can play both wings. I've been skating on a line with the Sedin twins. They are a lot more skilled than some people give them credit. Look at their point totals and they are right up there in their point-per-minute averages. My job will be to complement them and try to get our line to provide secondary scoring behind the big line of Naslund, Bertuzzi and Morrison. Those guys look good and I expect they'll be the top line in the NHL again.”

Anson Carter

“They play because they have a lot of fun and Annette especially enjoys the competition. They are lucky, none of them have received serious injuries while playing, unlike some of their friends and teammates. Yes, I worry about them getting hurt while playing, but as long as they enjoy it and want to continue, I will be there to encourage them.”

Anne Campbell