Competition Related Quotes

“The toughest thing these days for top players coming into college isn't the level of competition, but just getting comfortable with being in school. Learning your way around campus, learning how to budget your time. If they manage that all right, their games almost take care of themselves.”

Carrie Forsyth

“The competition was Coke vs. Pepsi 10 years ago. Our business has evolved over the past 10 years, and with that evolution, we have entered into new categories.”

Alison Lewis

“Usually, there is not too much competition, but there are usually two or three animals that draw a lot of interest.”

Maxine Shane

“It's a very close race. And that has great value to the viewer. When you have that kind of competition, you'll have everybody doing their best stuff.”

Carlos Fernandez

“We feel the plant is more than an intent to knock the socks off competition, ... We feel this plant is a substantial lasting contribution to the living standards of all Americans.”

Henry Ford

“Consumers will be empowered by this legislation because it would create a healthy insurance environment that fosters increased competition and product innovation, rather than the present patchwork state regulatory system, which has not kept pace with the marketplace needs of the 21st century.”

Marc Racicot

“Usually in baseball, you don't expect to win this many games in a row whether you're playing great competition or weak competition, and we've played some good teams lately.”

Chris Mcminn

“Everybody got better. The competition just heats up.”

Chris Petersen

“That's enough that you have a chance of beating the competition. If it had been a 20 percent improvement, you don't have enough to write home about.”

David Wu

“Imports create competition and keep domestic industry more responsive to consumers. In the United States, we import everything consumers want. So why not pharmaceuticals?”

Chuck Grassley