Competitive Related Quotes

Acting is very competitive. There are few good scripts out there and the ones that are good are very competitive. You look at your options and often times they're not too appealing.

Matt Dillon

“We felt that there should be a competitive mechanism by which pan-European companies can obtain pan-European licenses for online exploitation. This doesn't achieve this. It only exerts a small pressure on member states [to do so].”

Wes Himes

“We've always had a pretty competitive and pretty ferocious battle with British Airways, ... It's lasted now about 14 years, and we're very pleased to have survived it.”

Richard Branson

“We're seeing an exploding market. The overall competitive pressures are still there. It's intense and the pricing reflects that.”

David Cash

“Holly's obviously a great player. She's extremely dynamic and competitive. She always brings a lot to the field.”

Mark Francis

UFC is not a competitor to the WWE because we are entertainment and UFC is competitive sport. It's very different.

Stephanie Mcmahon

“The girls team did very well finishing second to New Albany. To make such a competitive meet even after being down by that margin really speaks to the talent of our girls team.”

Dave Christie

“This is not so much about being anti-competitive as anti-consumer. It about the Internet and has implications for e-commerce overall. The Internet is about freedom of information, to go out, search and find information.”

Dan Neary

Misty [May] and I had something magical, and I think at the basis of that was so much trust. Especially in the really competitive situations where it really felt do-or-die, we were unbreakable. We always stuck together, even if we lost we were together.

Kerri Walsh

“We've got a bright outlook. It's a great bunch of kids, and they're very competitive. We don't have great numbers this year, and we don't have a (junior varsity) team so we have some people who have to learn pretty quickly. We've got to limit our mistakes and play smart, and I think we'll be OK.”

Chuck Gault