Competitive Related Quotes

“Holly's obviously a great player. She's extremely dynamic and competitive. She always brings a lot to the field.”

Mark Francis

“You look at the scores, our team is much more competitive than what they were last year. You actually see them doing a lot of things that they didn't do last year.”

Charles Mcclelland

I was an extreme tomboy. I did competitive gymnastics for over 10 years. I cut my hair like Winona Ryder, with that little pixie cut.

Serinda Swan

“We continue to move forward on our strategy to be the nation's leading competitive provider of voice, data and IP services to businesses. For our customers and employees, it is business as usual.”

Carl Grivner

Having a dance background, I became used to rejection at an early age. Dance is very competitive, especially for a sensitive person like me. But I realized it's better not to take it so seriously. If you beat yourself up, it's hard to keep going.

Dianna Agron

An open, competitive, and liberalized financial market can effectively allocate scarce resources in a manner that promotes stability and prosperity far better than governmental intervention.

Henry Paulson

“I just see this as a lot of competitive wrangling that's just not going to affect the market place for a very long time.”

Phillip Nalbone

As competitive as I am, I want to get the best of a play and make sure to use it's full potential even when things break down. But sometimes you need to just say 'uncle' and let it go and avoid a hit

Mark Sanchez

?We know we're always in a competitive situation when we seek to attract production facilities to Indiana, so this was a huge win for our state.?

Becky Skillman

?At no point do I wish to be in conflict with any man or masculine thought. It doesn't enter my consciousness. Art is anonymous. It's not competitive with men. It's a complementary contribution.?

Barbara Hepworth