Competitive Related Quotes

I would have to agree, that I'm probably more intense than Brian or Kurt, competitive because, I was always like this, always being that way, always real competitive.

Elvis Stojko

“This is a highly competitive industry. We wish North Carolina all the best as the state moves forward.”

Rick Gates

Most people who do a lot of exercise, particularly in the form of competitive athletics, have unneurotic, extraverted, optimistic personalities to begin with. (Marathon runners are exceptions to this.)

Robert M. Sapolsky

“It's going to give our speedway one of the most competitive tracks on the circuit.”

Chris Powell

“It doesn't appear the commission went far enough in recognizing the intensely competitive market in New York for telecommunications. But it appears to be a step in the right direction.”

Cliff Lee

The competitive nation-state system, with all its capacity for good and evil, is spreading in the Third World and is transforming that world.

Robert Gilpin

No nation has embraced Total Quality Management, e-commerce and e-government with greater enthusiasm than Dubai. Such innovations have given Dubai a competitive edge and an accelerated growth rate that few could match.

Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair

“He is, on paper. Is it very close? Sure. It's going to be very competitive. But we won't know for sure until the first game.”

Mike Shanahan

“It could be the difference between getting in and not getting in to some of our more competitive programs.”

Sheila Baker

I've been competitive since day one. Even in little things as a child, like having a twin and a direct competitor for who makes better cookies.

Gracie Gold