Complete Related Quotes

“I was taken by complete surprise today,”

Chris Reitsma

“I'm looking for a complete receiver. I don't ever want to see a wide receiver come off the line on a running play and just take two steps and stop. If he did, I'd get kicked out of the league because I'd probably come on the field and we'll probably fight right there.”

Darryl Drake

“They should have access [to detainees]. Maybe not complete access, but they should have access.”

Jack Reed

“Once the transition is complete by the first quarter of fiscal 2007, we believe Mac shipments have the potential to surge on the strength of the Mac's newfound ability to run Windows applications alongside Mac applications.”

Charles Wolf

“It's totally free. It is the complete freedom of performance, ... The first time (the monologue is) performed is when you see it on TV, and it'll never be seen again. It's pure TV. Bam! It's there, and then it's gone.”

Craig Ferguson

“Our preparations are not yet complete nor are they adequate,”

Michael Leavitt

“You had some time constraints placed on you that made it difficult ... to do a thorough and complete investigation.”

Charles Gittins

“We do not consider the withdrawal complete if one Israeli soldier remains in Gaza, especially with regard to the border crossings. Israel is suggesting moving the goods crossing to another position. We do not consider the withdrawal complete if this happens,”

Nafez Azzam

“By making an offer with the acknowledged intent of eliminating PeopleSoft's business, Oracle seeks to disrupt PeopleSoft's efforts to complete new sales, thus, effectively damaging PeopleSoft's business even if Oracle never buys a single share of PeopleSoft stock,”

Craig Conway

“The president's need for complete candor and objectivity from advisers calls for great deference from the courts.”

Warren E. Burger