Computer Related Quotes

I have a small room to write in. One wall is completely covered in books. And I face the window with the curtain closed to stop the light hitting the computer.

Anne Enright

You never heard ofplugging her in ? My God, Myrnin, you made a vampire computer?

Rachel Caine

As parents we're not nearly as computer literate as our children are.

Phil Mcgraw

With the evolution of technology, kids really need to be computer-savvy.

Ryan Seacrest

My dream was actually just to have a computer some day. If I'd imagined that it meant starting a company to sell them, I probably would have avoided the whole thing.

Steve Wozniak

In activities other than purely logical thought, our minds function much faster than any computer yet devised.

Daniel Crevier

I think computer science, by and large, is still stuck in the Modern age.

Larry Wall

My dad's a biophysicist. My brother is a computer guy. His wife works at Microsoft.

Alec Berg

“does not open a massive back door allowing NSA to spy on your computer.”

David Wagner

Pascal and C are special-purpose languages for manipulating the registers and memory of a von Neumann-style computer.

Peter Norvig