Concern Related Quotes

Revenge is the concern of those who are at some point or other beaten. I am not beaten, I told myself. No, not beaten. And victory is far more interesting to contemplate than revenge.

Anne Rice

If you're a comic, you don't have a rehearsal room; you rehearse on stage. My main concern is remembering everything. I've written lots of material, but how do you memorise 90 minutes? That's one hell of a long speech. I've always had problems with that.

Dylan Moran

A lion doesn't concern itself with the opinion of sheep.

George R. R. Martin

“It should concern every American taxpayer. Their dirty little secret is they provide so-called low prices by shifting heath-care costs to the taxpayers.”

Chris Kofinis

“Any time players have an issue or concern like this, we take a look at it. It's really not an issue from our standpoint.”

Henry Hughes

“It's a concern because they're very beautiful facilities but underutilized.”

Anne Farley

“There's always a concern of a repeat of last year. But we've got some fairly good makeup of some of the soil moisture. Last year was such an abnormality that I'm not concerned about a repeat of last year.”

Steve Pitstick

Well, I think it's era that in which people had a lot of fun. In fact too much fun and would not concern themselves with the negative effects of the accesses that they were involved in.

Gloria Gaynor

“The current conversation about immigration is based on fear and misunderstanding. It's not based on fact, concern about safety, or even really about jobs.”

Geoffrey Boyce

“They're apparently living in tight quarters. That's not a crime in itself. Our main concern is that the children were gone so long and did the parents allow that.”

Serg Palanov