Concerned Related Quotes

“We have to be concerned with the use of marijuana. It's becoming a political problem. It's not something we are proud of.”

Viktor Mravcik

“Offensively, we were really concerned with getting back to mixing and matching and not being one-dimensional and having to throw the ball on every play,”

Charlie Weis

?The Court could decide the Bush appeal is moot. The Court is always concerned about overstepping its bounds, and the Justices could decide that in the period since they agreed to hear the case, the facts have changed such that the case is no longer alive.?

Barbara Perry

“I'm concerned about our passing attack, ... I'm concerned about being able to all of the sudden jump in high gear when we've been driving in second gear.”

Dick Vermeil

?I was a little concerned that somebody we consider a pillar on our team wasn't ready when the bell rang. It was one of those, 'All ashore that's going ashore,' and she wasn't ready to go.?

Ben Smith

“I'm really concerned about the deficit. It's much too large and it has to become smaller.”

Robert Kimmitt

“We were concerned that the public couldn't understand the sudden catastrophe, and concerned about affecting international relationship. Supported by the central government, within less than 10 hours, we corrected this 'benevolent lie' and told public the truth, and gained their forgiveness and understanding.”

Zhang Zuoji

“We're concerned that S&P; (Standard & Poor's, a bond rating agency) might be watching this situation. And we're concerned for all the businesses that depend on the port in the region if the river is not dredged. A lot of sectors are watching this very closely.”

Kate Philips

“Naturally, Olivia Newton-John is extremely concerned about the whereabouts of Patrick McDermott, her very dear friend of many years.”

Gavin De Becker

“I am not concerned that you have fallen / I am concerned that you arise.”

Abraham Lincoln