Concerned Related Quotes

“We put them on the free throw line way too much, and we fouled too much. Their inside presence concerned us a lot and points in the paint killed us.”

Kelly Greenberg

“We have a promise not to let our debt grow faster than our economy, ... I'm concerned. I'm taking action.”

Carole Taylor

“We're most concerned with ensuring the eagles do not get disturbed.”

Wing Goodale

“This is something to be concerned about. This couldn't have come at a worse time.”

Yvette Lopez

“Generally, the companies that go for white box servers are smaller in size and not overly concerned about the standards they are keeping. With our larger clients, standards are very important, and that is hard to control in a white box environment.”

David Hall

“They're still very much concerned that the risk in the economy of a downturn is much greater than it is of inflation. I suspect they will restate that risk. However, they will probably indicate that the increments of easing from here on out are going to be smaller because there's an awful lot of easing in the pipeline.”

David Horner

“Around the greens, it's horrendous as far as I'm concerned, ... I think the fairway rough is fair. But they have five or six different types of grass around the greens and it's patchy.”

Stephen Ames

“That's not a concern that we've heard or that we're particularly concerned about. Mayor Spencer has his own style. It's effective and it worked well in Yonkers for eight years. ... The mayor is his own man.”

Christian Winthrop

“From a commercial viewpoint, I'm not concerned. We're all human and we all like to be liked.”

Peter Kenyon

“I've been concerned all along that there is too much closeness between the city and the FAA and that somebody at the FAA has taken out a rubberstamp and said, 'OK, go ahead and do it. Assess all this money on the people who come to the airport. Don't worry about it,'”

Kenneth Mead