Concerned Related Quotes

“deeply concerned by this report.”

Alberto Romulo

As far as I'm concerned, 'whom' is a word that was invented to make everyone sound like a butler.

Calvin Trillin

“This failed as far as I'm concerned,”

Carolyn Mccarthy

“The commission was concerned about the working relationship between myself and Judge Castillo when I served as presiding judge in 2003. I regret that despite my apology to that judge and my efforts to restore a working relationship he chose to file a complaint,”

Paul Simon

“He's far more concerned about my daughter and his son than he is about himself, which is typical. His spirits are really great.”

Faye Marshall

“We remain concerned about the company's ability to stem the continued decline in profitability and credit protection measures.”

David Kang

“We are concerned going into every hurricane season and we are particularly concerned this year because of the forecast for a larger than normal number of hurricanes. You never want to feel comfortable. As a dam safety regulator you never want to feel your job is done because it's not.”

Dennis Dickey

“I think more people are concerned about the environment and are willing to do something about it.”

Clint Jamile

“As far as I'm concerned, it's closed. It's a non-issue. It's done.”

Frank Robinson

“I was concerned about this game because I know how strong Auburn is defensively.”

Susan Walvius