Concerned Related Quotes

“I was a little concerned about that coming in and he might have been wondering what he was running on, but he liked it. Frankie [Brothers] did a great job getting him ready. The track can be tiring but he was fit today and ready for it.”

Corey Lanerie

“I'm not curious (about what's going to happen with Brown). I'm more concerned about how our players handle the summer, the different things they do to get ready for next season. I'm not worried about coach. I feel very confident that he'll be back next season.”

Herb Williams

“The president is deeply concerned and he calls on Mr. Arafat and the Palestinians to take concrete measures to end the violence immediately.”

Gordon Johndroe

“We have got to be concerned about where we go. We have got to be concerned about costs. We have got to be concerned about changing demographics. We have got to look at changes in the pattern of health care delivery.”

Stephen Berger

“I think we left on a pretty good note. I was a little concerned about how we would go into the break, but we played really well. The guys are anxious to get going again.”

Craig Swartout

“Roy is a model athlete as far as this organization is concerned.”

Paul Godfrey

“Once they scored, I was concerned with how we would react. We never quit, even in the last couple of minutes. I couldn't be more proud of the boys. I felt the first team to score would have an advantage. The other team was going to have to dig in deep.”

Rick Woodard

“If any of you students are concerned about the quality of student life on campus, you should be complaining.”

Charles Lynch

“A lot of guys were concerned about their families and not knowing where we're going to be and all that kind of stuff. It's really that we're just now getting some of these answers. I'm hearing a lot about people saying we're complaining. No one is complaining.”

Donte' Stallworth

“General, I was in Selma, Indiana at the American Legion hall. A lot of guys there are concerned. All they hear is that Americans are being killed they don't feel there is progress, don't feel there is a plan, what do I tell them?”

Mike Pence