Concerned Related Quotes

“As far as we're concerned that was mistake No. 1; you don't destroy the only evidence in a case. Now there's literally no way to determine what caused the burns on that puppy unless you talk to the vet or determine it through photographs. Right now, we fear too much time has gone by.”

Mark Steinway

“I'm definitely concerned. [Williams] is a good player to start with, and if he has that extra edge, or Olin is banged up ... I'm all for not playing my guy if the front guy isn't playing. [Williams] could do something out of meanness. It's definitely a concern.”

Wade Wilson

“It's really about liberty. I'm very concerned about a growing intolerance and bossiness throughout society. Pubs are not health clubs.”

David Hockney

“I don't know if NASCAR should be concerned, but I'm concerned. Really, there's a part of me that's concerned, and there's a part of me that takes my hat off to Jack Roush. It's pretty amazing what the man's done.”

Ray Evernham

“Offensively, we were really concerned with getting back to mixing and matching and not being one-dimensional and having to throw the ball on every play,”

Charlie Weis

“China is very concerned about recent political changes in Nepal.”

Kong Quan

“The big item missing is non-proliferation and disarmament. This is a real disgrace ... when we are all concerned with weapons of mass destruction and that they may get into the wrong hands,”

Kofi Annan

“We're very concerned that this $3 billion is going to go to people who have inside status.”

David Llewellyn

“That is why I can't understand why she has gone and we are so concerned she hasn't got in touch. Just to up and leave like that and go somewhere is worrying.”

Stephen Sears

“I've been here 33 years, and we've always been concerned about the New Orleans,”

Max Mayfield