Concerns Related Quotes

“I share a lot of the concerns that I hear and I've read about. In a very short period of time, there's been an awful lot of progress made.”

Deborah Tate

“After the people got shoes from Finish Line, they'd come and ask questions about concerns they were having, and we were able to help them. People that maybe had not considered Nicholls before are now looking at us because of the literature and information we were able to provide.”

Courtney Cassard

“If it's a U.S. company, it should alleviate some of the concerns about security which have been talked about over the last few weeks. I don't know how successful they'll be.”

Charles Gargano

“There are no major concerns.”

Anthony Phillips

“The concerns we have on the House plan is that it's not long-term or statewide. The numbers appear squishy and there's a huge piece of it (the $552 million) that we don't know where they're getting that.”

Kevin Hall

“We want to monitor concerns (to see) whether the problem is getting larger. We want to track exactly what's going on.”

Greg Hudnall

“We're encouraged that Mr. Harper appears to have taken some of our concerns into account. If Mr. Harper is serious about making this Parliament work, we will be open to working with him.”

Jack Layton

“It was great to hear the questions the investors asked and learn about their concerns. You get a better idea what they are interested in when you are talking to the people who can pull the trigger.”

Sean Mullin

“The inmates understand our concerns. They just want good, usable items.”

Dick Hawks

“Securing the funds is easing concerns of default and other risks. The gains are unlikely to last because there aren't any signs yet that earnings are recovering. You need money to restructure and all they have so far is the barest of necessities.”

Koichi Hariya