Concerns Related Quotes

“I don't have any more concerns about it this year than I've had in the past. Obviously, we're always on the lookout for any little glitches. I'm confident everything will be as good as it's been for the past few years.”

Chris Powell

“It does get very close to ethical concerns.”

Dick Devos

“Some of the concerns of ordinary Afghans on the ground are the drug problem and the fact that there has been a lot of rhetoric around the drug problem but not really a lot of serious attention.”

Paul O'brien

“Republican members are hearing from their constituents that any message on immigration has got to take into account concerns about the border.”

Cesar Conda

“I've got major concerns with it.”

Richard Lewis

“I stayed and talked with them for a while and heard most of their concerns, ... We're working to make sure that they don't happen again.”

Richard Bull

“One of the key concerns of the Fed has been the wealth effect that the stock market has created. And with the market that we saw this morning, we're likely to see more volatility going forward, especially if it leads to more muted market activity on the return side.”

Walt Czaicki

“We have been on Capitol Hill, sharing our concerns regarding whether we will get equal treatment for our content from any competitor that has both cable and internet pipeline into the home.”

Chris Castro

“Healthy environment and rich natural heritage are of paramount importance for the future of unified Korea, ... Environmental concerns underlie all of the major topics that have been identified as priority, (including) economic cooperation, tension and arms reduction.”

Chung Kim

“When you get below a certain level you have concerns about overheating the spacecraft or potentially breaking pieces of it off.”

Richard Cook