Conference Related Quotes

“In my opinion he's probably the best player in the area, best player in the Southwestern Conference. He's showing signs where he is mentally tough.”

Dennis Erlich

“She (Hager) will not compete on the floor at the conference meet. That has pretty much been decided already. Whether we add beam or vault depends on how she is feeling this week.”

Carla Peterson

“CU and CSU are stepping up with much greater depth in their teams. But if we can win conference, we can win nationals.”

Rick Crawford

“You don't prove yourself until the playoffs. Detroit and Miami are the two best teams in the conference, and until someone knocks them off, they're still the two best teams in the conference.”

Richard Jefferson

“We know that UNH is good. They had a really nice non-conference run. And we'll be ready for them.”

Kelly Greenberg

“This is the best conference in the nation from top to bottom without question. It is a great benchmark to have that we are not happy that we didn't sweep Arizona. That is the way we feel about ourselves. As a club, we thought we should have swept.”

Pat Casey

“These are great opportunities to be seen on a more national stage. You know coming out of the AHA conference that you're going to face top teams. We definitely weren't shocked with our draw.”

Paul Pearl

“People haven't been picking us all season. We weren't even picked in our own [Pacific 10] conference.”

Cedric Bozeman

“It's going to be a classic conference championship. Jamestown is going to be the team to beat, but we're really going after it. We're three deep in every event on the women's side.”

Scott Walkinshaw

“(The) last conference title (we won) was two years before I got here. I hadn't tasted it yet, but you know what, it tastes pretty good.”

Mike Novell