Confidence Related Quotes

“If we can get signed term sheets on these two outstanding issues, that should give everyone confidence that this plan can be implemented.”

Courtney Pratt

“Our confidence in overtime is out of this world. I think everybody on this team knew we'd be flying through the overtime.”

Laura Harper

You can't be minimalist as a director until you have acquired the experience and confidence to say no.

Richard Eyre

“confidence about the future performance of the company.”

Chris Liddell

“My experience with Providence has not been of a nature to give me great confidence in his judgment, and I consider that my wife crept in while his attention was occupied elsewhere”

Mark Twain

“Who ever does not respect confidence will never find happiness in their path.”


“The expansion is a vote of confidence in India's emerging knowledge-economy. The Oracle move shows that India's appeal as an investment destination is only increasing.”

Navneet Munot

“"i don't need a crowd of friends that full of hyprocrite;i'd rather choose to be w/a few!,who'm i can really called"TRUE FRIENDS!"..”

Kendi Koga

I lack confidence as an actor.

Charles Durning

Because you are alive, everything is possible.

Nhat Hanh