Congregation Related Quotes

“It's very costly to purchase commercial property. It takes a large congregation to qualify for those loans, and then finding a lender is another thing.”

Linda Young

“About 75 percent (of the congregation) attends church at the high school. It's a comfortable rental space, but there's no question that we'd like to get into our own property as soon as we can.”

Chuck Goetz

“We did not want to make it about choosing one congregation over another.”

Greg Wolf

“My congregation is so excited about this, and they're behind me 100 percent.”

Virginia Studer

“to take a deep breath, to re-examine who they are, to reconsider God's calling -- unique calling -- to a congregation to serve in a community.”

Robert Patterson

“The congregation was growing more and more upset over where they felt the denomination was going. That has shown in a decline in membership and in giving that goes back 15 years.”

Rev Darrell Weber

“He is a living icon for this congregation, and he has made so many contributions to our church. He developed our church orchestra,”

Charles Robinson

“The congregation at that point had grown so much that everyone couldn't fit inside for services. He told them he could get everyone seated and built 44 pews. They are very narrow and upright and I think uncomfortable, but he fulfilled his promise of increasing the seating.”

Mary Rankin

“We're a small congregation, ... We tend to average about 55 (people) or so.”

David Hess

“But the congregation complained about the breakfast aroma being a distraction to the worship service.”

Clark Johnson