Connecticut Related Quotes

?The Connecticut River has become very well known for its bird-watching opportunities. During the fall ... we have migratory birds coming down from Canada heading south. ... We have an annual fall bird walk at one of our state parks right along Long Island Sound.?

Barbara Cieplak

“We think it's very significant that a Connecticut jury rejected these claims and found Microsoft did not violate any federal or state antitrust laws.”

Mark Murray

“CREMONA, n. A high-priced violin made in Connecticut.”

Ambrose Bierce

“Connecticut will be a good addition and will offer a complementary product offering to our existing bar products group in the construction services segment.”

Dan Dimicco

“Watch their game against Connecticut and watch how much of the game was played at the speed it was played and at the height above the rim it was played at. It will take just a very special performance by us to compete with them.”

Dennis Felton

“This is Connecticut basketball. After suffering the embarrassment of the North Carolina game, it came to a point where we felt like we needed to win. You get tired of leaving the gym crying because you wished you played harder. We came together and won.”

Charde Houston

“I would say we're looking at an incumbent who is probably one of the most vulnerable in Connecticut and in the Northeast. I do think it is a referendum on the war.”

Gary Rose

“It's a problem in Connecticut, and other places as well. In the last 30 to 40 years, it has gone crazy. There have been two different species identified, and the species not native to Connecticut seems to be causing the most trouble.”

Mary Guinness

“[Exactly where his house is now, Harvey says. In a small town in Connecticut. He's tearing down the one he lived in for 22 years and rebuilding.] My house was designed by a heterosexual architect for a heterosexual man, ... There was no woman involved. When I bought the house, there wasn't a broom closet. You have to walk with your groceries from the parking area through the entire house to get to the kitchen.”

Harvey Fierstein

“Probably would have been sitting on the bench with Connecticut. Who knows? That's just hypothetical stuff you can't even project. But it certainly is a talented team. The growth that he has had here, I think, has been a beneficial factor for him in his overall game.”

Phil Jackson