Conservation Related Quotes

“Since we all live in a watershed, we need to be aware of the conservation practices that are installed and areas that need to be improved, ... Buckeye Creek is an excellent opportunity for farmers, urban residents, city and school to work together to improve their natural resource concerns.”

Don Swanson

“We have a number of conservation and environmental groups that want to take our farm program spending and shift it over to some kind of conservation payment or green payment.”

David Senter

“It is a success story in the history of conservation. And it's nice that it's happening to a species that means so much to this country.”

Chris Tollefson

“The semiconductor industry has few equals when it comes to resource conservation and minimizing its environmental impact. Through these and other activities, ISMI will continue to work in that tradition.”

Scott Kramer

“We found there are many areas that already have conservation efforts in place and do not need to be designated.”

Dave Allen

“They saw a side of conservation they had never experienced.”

Scott Terning

“Seabirds are ideal symbols for ocean conservation, ... Because they live in a variety of habitats-including oceans, islands, estuaries and beaches-they can show visitors how all coastal life is connected and spark new interest in coastal conservation. Long-term conservation success hinges on public understanding and community support.”

Stephen Kress

“are out of step with modern conservation approaches.”

Chris Carter

“We'd like to see a firm decision made to protect one of the largest pieces of conservation land in Florida. This is not just another ripe piece of real estate to put a highway through.”

Charles Lee