Consider Related Quotes

“We will also consider selling other insurers' products if their target customer or type of products are different from those of Ping An.”

Wang Dongsheng

“I consider a number of things in determining what I feel is an appropriate punishment in a particular case. In every case I look at whether or not the defendant has a history of trouble and the nature of the charge.”

Dan Crawford

“I really don't consider myself a deep threat. I've just been playing my role.”

Kenneth Harris

“[If you like little films about birds you might also consider] The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. ... could be a surprise underground hit, because it is so warm and moving.”

Roger Ebert

“We're going to open it up and consider candidates from inside the building and outside.”

Gary Clausen

“My goal was to break 80. When you get to 70, if I can break 80, I consider that a victory.”

Gary Player

“I know she would like to do it. She wants to tell the story, but she has to consider the precedent that would be created by this.”

Colin Powell

“It is not the ought-ness of this problem that we have to consider, but the is-ness!”

William Pickens

“We consider that a life sentence as demanded by the prosecution is not appropriate for the defendant as we believe there are other people behind the murder.”

Cicut Sutiarso

“I still consider myself a feminist.”

Suzanne Vega