Considered Related Quotes

“There is no excuse for me not getting better. I just have to get better. But all things considered this is a good start to the season.”

Nicky Hayden

I've taken considerable gambles on shows, but they're very considered gambles.

Cameron Mackintosh

People fear anyone who differs from what is considered normal, and in a small town the idea of normal can be as narrow as the streets.

Elizabeth Chandler

It's written into the Constitution that you're allowed to pursue happiness. In England it would be considered a frivolous objective.

Quentin Crisp

And, so I set my goals on astronaut because, as a military aviator, it was, I considered that to be about the peak of a flying career.

Duane G. Carey

“There are many who have been here for at least 10 years [but not considered legal immigrants] and who have kids born here who are already American citizens.”

Pak Chung

...she considered herself unconventional...

Anna Godbersen

My mom used to send me articles about how older virgins are considered good luck in Mexico.


I could do John Wayne, Jack Benny, Jack Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and entertain my friends. But I never seriously considered it as a career choice.

Phil Hartman

I considered Nat King Cole to be a friend and, in many ways, a mentor. He always had words of profound advice.

Diahann Carroll