Consistent Related Quotes

“A leader has to 'appear' consistent. That doesn't mean he has to be consistent.”

James Callaghan

“It was good, solid, consistent. Really what I was hoping for. Obviously the result was easier than I was expecting.”

Roger Federer

“We see prices as entirely consistent with our forecast for the year as a whole,”

Andrew Burns

“We're not consistent enough at putting the puck on the net and when you miss the net, it's basically a turnover.”

Pat Quinn

“If you take into account the revisions, the average for the last three months are still very strong. It's consistent with the housing starts number. People are still active in home buying. This decline in January is probably a month dip. It's a head-fake.”

Stuart Hoffman

“One of his great strengths is that he is always so consistent,”

Craig Bellamy

“We played hard for the most part. We have to do that on a consistent basis. We gave ourselves a chance, but we had some mistakes down the stretch with execution.”

Rick Carlisle

“It is a rather consistent number in Davis County.”

Doug Miller

“We have to be consistent with the commissioner's office guidelines. The commissioner wants to keep the focus on the postseason and hold off on major announcements.”

Dan O'brien

“There doesn't seem to be a consistent ratings pattern for local versus syndicated morning shows. So much of it depends on what else is going on at the station and in the market.”

Sean Ross